Expand your education with a global experience.

China’s squares become Brooklyn’s classrooms.

Borders are not boundaries. Our students learn on every continent.

International Education

Studying in a foreign country is one of the most exciting opportunities that Brooklyn College extends to our students. Incorporating international experience into your college education earns credit toward your degree, strengthens your professional résumé, improves your foreign language skills, creates lifelong memories and broadens your perspectives on the world.

Brooklyn College students can study abroad on any accredited program of their choosing. These programs could be offered by Brooklyn College, other CUNY schools, or even private universities and organizations! There are hundreds of opportunities throughout the world, including programs in Antigua and Barbuda, China, England, Ghana, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Serbia, and Turkey. Grades and credits earned abroad from accredited programs can be applied towards graduation requirements. Financial aid and scholarships are available and may be applied to study abroad.


Study Abroad 1.0 — General Information Session

Every Tuesday
1 p.m.
1108 Boylan Hall


Studying abroad for a short term, semester or year helps strengthen your curriculum, provides global experience, expands your horizons and opportunities, allows you to learn or practice a foreign language, and earns credit toward your degree.

Students are not limited to only Brooklyn College–administered programs. They may choose to participate in study abroad programs through other CUNY institutions. Students may also choose to participate in programs through other accredited non-CUNY colleges and organizations.

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