Childhood, Bilingual, and Special Education

The Department of Childhood, Bilingual, and Special Education is perfect for career-changers who want to make a difference in young lives.

Here, you can either learn how to teach exuberant pupils in grades one through six, or join the burgeoning field of special education. As a teacher of students in grades one through six, your intellect will be engaged by the challenges of covering different kinds of material. Attaining a master's in childhood education will put on the path to gaining certification by the New York State Department of Education to teach in these classrooms. Special education requires exceptional teachers. A caring, patient and resilient person, you're attuned to the fact that individuals have different needs when it comes to education. Special education students experience a variety of obstacles, and our program will show you what those are and how you can help students of all ages overcome them.

Contact Information

Department Chairperson: Alma Rubal-Lopez

Location: 2105 James Hall
Phone: 718.951.5447