Accreditation Information

In compliance with the Program Outcomes Report required by CACREP, we report the following data regarding program outcomes and job placement.

  • In June 2015, there were 39 students in our graduating class.
  • Ninety-one percent of the full-time students entering in fall 2013 completed the program as scheduled. Seventy-two percent of the part-time students entering in fall 2012 completed the program as scheduled. The average completion rate for our 2015 graduating class was 82 percent.

We are surveying our most recent graduating class in fall 2015 regarding job placement. The hiring process of school counselors for the NYC DOE is still under way, and we will update our numbers as more graduates complete our survey. Of the current respondents to our survey, 32 percent were currently working either full or part time as school counselors.