Studio 312

Studio 312 (120 seats) is the conservatory's principal performance venue. The majority of student and faculty concerts take place here, totaling over 150 concerts per year. Studio 312 has a new lighting system, video projection capabilities and an 8.2 sound diffusion system. The hall is equipped with hard disk recording and a nine-foot Steinway concert grand along with a nine-foot Yamaha Artist Series concert grand piano.

Studio 312 also serves as a recording facility. It is hard wired for live recording with a full 24-track hard disk recording system. The studio provides an excellent acoustic environment for recording voice, chamber and jazz ensembles. The control room features a Soundcraft 24-channel Ghost mixer, a Tascam hard disc digital recorder, HHB and Panasonic CD and DAT recorders and Mackie HR 824 monitors.

Performing Arts Center

Designed by the New York office of Pfeiffer Partners Architects, the new Leonard and Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts will significantly enhance the performance, instructional and rehearsal opportunities for students and faculty of the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music and the college's Department of Theater. It will also be the college's first "green building" targeted for LEED Silver Certification.

Whitman Hall

Whitman Hall is a 2,400-seat auditorium and is one of the premiere concert venues in the New York City area. The conservatory's large ensemble concerts and fully staged Opera Theater productions take place in Whitman Hall. This is also the main hall for the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, which produces outstanding concerts throughout the year featuring world-class performers in a variety of genres, including classical, pop, ethnic and children's productions. Whitman Hall has recently undergone a $5 million renovation.


Each classroom is equipped with a new Yamaha piano and state-of-the-art sound system. There are several dedicated teaching studios, including two piano studios; both contain two seven-foot grand pianos, a Steinway and Yamaha in each. The percussion studio contains marimba, xylophone, drumset, and four timpani and sound system. There is also a dedicated voice studio.

Practice Rooms

The Conservatory has 18 dedicated practice rooms, many of which contain new Yamaha upright pianos. Two rooms are equipped with baby grand pianos — one Yamaha and one Steinway. There are numerous student lockers available in the practice room area, including ones for larger instruments such as cello and guitar.

There are also three dedicated practice rooms for percussionists, equipped with a full set of timpani and sound system, drumset, and mallet instruments.

In addition to the dedicated practice rooms, all classrooms are available for practice and rehearsal. Each classroom has a brand-new Yamaha baby grand piano or comparable instrument.


Whitman Hall houses three Steinway grand pianos. Studio 312 has one new Yamaha and a Steinway grand. The conservatory owns two celestes, two harpsichords, and woodwind, brass, and string instruments used primarily for music education classes. The percussion instrument collection is one of the best in the New York area.

Conservatory Concert Office

The Conservatory Concert Office produces more than 200 concerts per year, including all student recitals, faculty recitals, ensemble concerts and guest artist presentations. The office is responsible for all aspects of concert production, including the booking of halls, arranging of recordings, and coordinating guest artists. In addition, the Concert Office oversees other aspects of the conservatory, instrument rentals, equipment requests, student lockers and many other administrative duties pertinent to the conservatory.

Recording Facilities

Recording Studio

The conservatory's recording studio is a state-of-the-art facility, recently updated and renovated to include a ProTools HD system for recording, editing and pre-mastering. Other recent additions include a Soundcraft 32-channel Ghost mixer and Mackie HR 824 monitors with subwoofer. The studio houses both Baldwin and Steinway pianos. The studio is used for student theater productions, recitals and professional engagements. More than 100 professional CDs have been produced utilizing conservatory recording facilities.

Studio 312

Studio 312 serves as both a performance venue and a recording facility for voice, chamber and jazz ensembles.