M.A. in Art History

The following links provide an overview of some aspects of the M.A. Art History program.

The M.A. Art History Fact Sheet (updated April 2014; all previous versions are outdated)

The M.A. Art History Fact Sheet provides important information about the entire program. Prospective and current students should consult the fact sheet. 

Timeline and Steps for Completion of the M.A. in Art History

This document contains a sample timeline (both a two- and a three-year schedule) for completing the M.A. degree, information about the M.A. thesis, and a degree requirements checklist. M.A. students should read this document to get a sense of how long they might take to finish their degree as well as to see what is expected of them in terms of requirements. The checklist is a useful tool to help students stay on track. 

While we try to keep this document updated, always consult with your adviser to ensure that the program has not changed its requirements listed on this document.


Graduate Art History Society

For more information on the M.A. Graduate Art History Society, please visit our Students and Alumni page.