Saving the marshlands requires a view from a distance.

Pre-med students learn what’s in your heart.

Always looking for solutions.

Student scientists hold life in their hands.

Conduct experiments that get you inside someone’s head.

School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Invention. Experimentation. Innovation. Vision.

Protect the environment. Build a search-and-rescue robot. Research cures for diseases. Consider ways to end world hunger. Find and study ancient artifacts. Design a 3-D software program. Lay the groundwork for a job in sports medicine. The School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences opens up a world of life-changing possibilities for students seeking an education and a career in the sciences. Our award-winning faculty members are inventors, mentors and researchers, and they will guide you as you navigate through our academically rigorous, but richly rewarding and nationally acclaimed programs. Whatever your focus, you will have the opportunity to observe and participate in cutting-edge scientific research with instructors who are the experts in their fields. The skills you gain will benefit Brooklyn and the world.

Contact Information

Dean: Kleanthis Psarris

Location: 2131 Ingersoll Hall
Phone: 718.951.3170
Fax: 718.951.4210