Staff, Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students

To reach a particular extension, call 718.951.5000 and dial the 4-digit extension when requested.

Building Codes

N - Ingersoll Hall
NE - Ingersoll Hall Extension

Department Secretary

Name Email Room Extension
Marie Dumas 3438N x2850

Adjunct Faculty

Name Email Room Extension
Lyudmila Godenko 2157N-B x1511
Semyon Khotyanov   3438N x5418
Lyudmila Malikova 2157N-B x1511
Quin Murrell 3438N

Lab Technicians

Name Email Room Extension
Alexander Sapzhnikov 3411N x2860
Louis Tundis 0407N x5800
Zakhar Yudovin 0407N x5800

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name/Title Email Room Extension
Steve Morgan 260NE x6682

Graduate Students

Name Email Room Extension
Bo Cai 243NE x1792
Yuechao Chen 241NE x1801
Basant Dhital 260NE x6682
Dimitar Dimitrov 239NE x6655
Antonios Papaioannou 260NE x6682