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MA Thesis Defense: Jinyuan Wang
(Saxena Lab)

"Role of nucleolin phosphorylation in the progression of cellular response to DNA damage"
May 4th, 9:30-11am

New Course!

BIOL 5020 (Summer 2016)
One Health: Interconnectedness of Ecosystem & Human Health
Jessica Joyner (x1445)

Discover the living world around you as you prepare for top research careers in biology.

Whether you want to be a marine biologist, microbiologist or zoologist, or work on making green biofuels — or any of more than a dozen other careers — you will find our Biology Department an exciting, supportive environment in which to broaden your knowledge, hone your skills and perform cutting-edge research. Our faculty possess a wide variety of interests and have active careers in laboratory-based research at the national and international level. They obtain federal grants for their research and publish and present their findings around the world. You will assist with their research in our on-campus labs as they mentor you in their specialties, equipping you with critical knowledge and understanding of the biological sciences.

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Department Chairperson: Juergen Polle
Deputy Chair for Undergraduate: Jennifer Basil

Location: 200 Ingersoll Hall Extension
Phone: 718.951.5396
Fax: 718.951.4659