News and Seminars

Priscilla F. Pollister Biology Seminar Series — Spring 2016*

All events will be held on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in 113 Ingersoll Hall Extension.

The seminar series is organized by Tony Wilson.

Feb. 4 

Thierry Emonet, Yale University
"The functional consequences of non-genetic diversity in cellular navigation"
Host: Nicolas Biais

Feb. 11

Zemer Gitai, Princeton University
"Feel the force: How mechanics affect bacterial colonization and virulence"
Host: Nicolas Biais

Feb. 18

Matteo Avella, National Institutes of Health
"Molecular mechanisms of vertebrate fertilization"
Host: Tony Wilson

Feb. 25

Gal Haspel, New Jersey Institute of Technology
"Neurobiology of C. elegans locomotion: Connectivity, activity, and recovery from injury"
Host: Paul Forlano

Mar. 3

Eric Fortune, New Jersey Institute of Technology
"The sum is greater than the parts: Emergent properties of social behavior in fish and birds"
Host: Zack Ghahramani (Forlano Lab)

Mar. 10

Martin Flajnik, University of Maryland
"The emergence of adaptive immunity"
Host: Tony Wilson

Mar. 17

Karen Schindler, Rutgers University
"Protein kinase signaling control of meiosis I in mouse oocytes"
Host: Mara Schvarzstein

Mar. 24

David Schoppik, Langone Medical Center NYU
"Towards understanding the neural basis of postural development"
Host: Paul Forlano

Mar. 31

Xin Li, NYU College of Dentistry
"Metformin — Cancer prevention and beyond"
Host: Anjana Saxena

Apr. 7

Greg Petsko, Weill Cornell Medical College (Friedman Lecture, Chemistry)
"Targeting protein trafficking for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease"
Location: Tanger Auditorium (150 Library)
Host: Ryan Murelli

Apr. 14

Mandë Holford, Hunter College
"Venomics: An integrated approach for investigating venom evolution in marine snails"
Host: Tony Wilson

Apr. 21

Judith Berman, Tel Aviv University
"Ploidy gymnastics and the rapid acquisition of new traits"
Host: Peter Lipke

Apr. 28

No seminar — College closed

May 5 - Gavin Lecture in Cell and Molecular Biology** 

George Langford, Syracuse University
"Molecular motors are key to a healthy brain"
Host: Nicolas Biais

May 12

Darcy Kelley, Columbia University
"Sex and songs: Modifying neural circuits across evolution"
Host: Nicolas Biais

Departmental seminars are made possible through the generous support of Brooklyn College alumni and supporters. Contributions to the Biology Seminar Fund are accepted through the Brooklyn College Foundation.

* In memory of Professor Priscilla F. Pollister's contributions as teacher, scientist, and adviser.
** In recognition of Professor Ray Gavin's contributions as teacher, scientist, and mentor.