News and Seminars

Priscilla F. Pollister Biology Seminar Series — Spring 2014*

All events will be held on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in 113 Ingersoll Hall Extension.

The series is organized and, unless otherwise indicated, hosted by Assistant Professor Paul M. Forlano.

Jan. 30

Idan Efroni, New York University
Mechanisms of Root Regeneration
Host: Associate Professor Theodore Muth, Brooklyn College

Feb. 6

Faculty search candidate

Feb. 13

Faculty search candidate

Feb. 20

No seminar — Monday schedule

Feb. 27

Faculty search candidate

March 6

Assistant Professor Daphne Soares, University of Maryland
Neural Adaptation to Extreme Environments

March 13

Professor Jacqueline Webb, University of Rhode Island
The Mechanosensory Lateral Line System of Teleost Fishes: Functional Adaptations and Developmental Explanations

March 20

Melissa Caras, New York University
Hormonal Modulation of Auditory Processing in a Seasonally Breeding Songbird

March 27

Professor Kathleen Axen, Brooklyn College
Does Fat Intake Alter Hepatic Lipogenesis? A Tale of High-fat Diets, Insulin Resistance and Fatty Liver

April 3

Dr. Herbert Tanowitz, Albert Einstein Medical School
Chagas Disease in New York City

April 10

Dr. Vladimir Pelicic, Imperial College London
Specific DNA-Binding Pilins as Modulators of Horizontal Gene Transfer
Host: Assistant Professor Nicolas Biais, Brooklyn College

April 17

No seminar — spring break

April 24

Professor Sheryl Smith, SUNY Downstate
Alpha4-beta-delta GABA-A Receptors Play a Role in Altering Mood and Cognition During Adolescence

May 1

Assistant Professor Shira Ninio, Drexel University
Biofilm Formation and Regulation in the Pathogen Legionella Pneumophila
Host: Associate Professor Theodore Muth, Brooklyn College

May 8

Assistant Professor Kathleen Lynch, Hofstra University
Flexibility in Mate Choice: Inside the Brain of Fickle Females

May 15

Professor Kari Lavalli, Boston University
Adaptations of Decapods to Predators: A Review
Host: Associate Professor Jennifer Basil / Associate Professor Frank Grasso, Brooklyn College

* In memory of Priscilla F. Pollister's contributions as teacher, scientist and adviser.