Brooklyn College Chemistry Colloquium
Spring 2014
Fridays: 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.
432 Ingersoll Hall Extension (unless otherwise noted)

September 5

Rein Uljin, Advanced Science Research Center, CUNY

"Adaptive Nanosystems Using Aromatic Peptide Amphiphiles"

Host: Associate Professor Brian Gibney

September 12

Piotr Piotowiak, Rutgers University – Newark

"Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Host-Guest Assemblies, Molecular Clusters and Dendrimers"

Host: Associate Professor Laura Juszczak

September 19 (Special Seminar)

Geoffrey Coates, Cornell University


Host: Inorganic and Organometallic Topical Group of the New York ACS

Note: This seminar is part a symposium held at Columbia University (209 Havemeyer Hall)

October 10

Mike Massiah, George Washington University

"Using NMR, MD Simulation, and Biochemical Techniques to Characterize the Function of MID1: A Multifaceted Protein Linked to Cleft Lipid/Palate and Huntington Disease"

Host: Assistant Professor Emilio Gallicchio

October 17

Rob Knowles, Princeton University

"Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Organic Synthesis and Asymmetric Catalysis"

Host: Assistant Professor Ryan Murelli

October 24

Stuart F. J. Le Grice, Center for Cancer Research, NCI at Frederick

Small Molecule Inhibitors of HIV Ribonuclease H and Integrase

Host: Assistant Professor Ryan Murelli

November 7

Elizabeth Biddinger, City College of New York (CUNY)

"Investigating Ionic Liquids in Electrochemical Applications

Host: Professor Mark Kobrak

November 14 (Special Seminar)

Michael Kelly


Host: Brooklyn College Chemistry Club

November 21

Shengping Zheng, Hunter College (CUNY)

"Heterocycle Synthesis From Quinoids"

Host: Assistant Professor Ryan Murelli

December 5

Pawel Kulesza, University of Warsaw


Host: Professor Malgorzata Ciszkowska

December 18  (Two special seminars)

Santiago Gómez-Ruiz (Profesor Titular, Rey Juan Carlos I , Madrid, Spain)

"Biological applications of nanostructured materials functionalized with metal complexes"


Sanjiv Prashar (Profesor Titular, Rey Juan Carlos I , Madrid, Spain)

"Catalytic applications of metal complexes and nanostructured materials" 

Host: Professor Maria Contel