Health Concentration: Career Options

The departmental health concentration is designed to provide the student with various academic and career options within the health field. Indeed, it's the wide range of professional options within the industry that makes a health and nutrition sciences degree a viable academic choice. Successful completion of the B.S. / B.A. degree program could lead to:

  1. An entry-level administrative or health educator position within the public or corporate sector of the health industry
  2. More specialized training within one of the many professional areas within the field (e.g., as a physician, nurse, physical therapist or public health adviser)

In the health concentration, the student is provided with a conceptual foundation and factual knowledge necessary to understand, interpret and implement current information concerning health promotion. This academic option allows students to expand their understanding of the health care system and its historical development, administrative functioning and philosophical bases; it also provides information regarding the most topical health issues and concerns. The goal of the health concentration curriculum is to develop health professionals who have been trained to promote health by helping consumers to minimize risk factors associated with illness and disease and enhance status.

A partial listing of some careers alumni of the program have followed include: 

  • Community health educator
  • Corporate health education
  • Emergency training hospital
  • Epidemiology
  • Financial analyst
  • Health and fitness
  • Health care administration
  • Health counseling
  • Health educator
  • Health insurance specialists
  • Health services administrator
  • Home health care
  • Long-term care
  • Medical practitioner
  • Medical records
  • Occupational health
  • Occupational therapy
  • Operations management
  • Patient representative
  • Physical therapy
  • Public health adviser
  • Public health educator
  • Public health sanitarian
  • Quality assurance coordinator
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Respiration therapy
  • Risk management
  • Safety engineering
  • School health education
  • Sex education and therapy
  • Third-party payments
  • Unit service manager