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Name a Classroom

While our buildings have aged gracefully, many of our teaching facilities have not kept up.

In recognition of this challenge, the Class Act Campaign seeks to modernize our heritage classrooms by furnishing them with an array of technology, including the ability to hold video conferences, interactive meetings and workshops. The classrooms are outfitted with a multimedia distribution system that broadcasts high-quality streaming video. Such classrooms, now common on American campuses, make it possible to augment lectures with video and online content. They also make it possible to reach out to colleagues from around the world.

The Class Act Campaign recognizes gifts of $100,000 for classrooms and $200,000 for lecture halls and laboratories. These spaces are marked with highly visible commemorative signage, and a dedication event is held in the donor's honor. A plaque installed inside the named space, bearing the donor’s biographical information, provides a bridge between the donor and the students as they recognize the similarities in their lives. Such shared stories honor the achievements of the donor while providing today's students with highly visible models for success.