Welcome to the Finance, Budget, and Planning/Comptroller website

The portfolio of the AVP for Finance, Budget and Planning/Comptroller consists of finance, accounting, budget, financial reporting, revenue management, purchasing, accounts payable, bursar, institutional research, institutional planning, and outcomes assessment. Information generated by this area supports college-wide decision making related to financial management, strategic planning, and institutional effectiveness.

Specific responsibilities and goals of the AVP and his staff include:

  • Ensuring that the college complies with accounting guidelines so that financial statements are accurately represented.
  • Managing budgets from all funding sources to ensure spending is within appropriate levels and the institution is fiscally responsible.
  • Integrating financial information to assist in planning at all levels.
  • Purchasing and paying for goods and services as per appropriate rules and regulations.
  • Tracking and reporting revenues.
  • Monitoring student accounts in accordance with university tuition and fee guidelines.
  • Providing services related to copiers, printing, and entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Collecting, coordinating, and reporting of information needed for strategic planning and external reporting.
  • Maintaining a longitudinal data warehouse containing information needed for analysis.
  • Consulting with Brooklyn College units involved in data analysis and outcomes assessment activities.
  • Surveying different constituencies to obtain information on institutional processes and outcomes.
  • Communicating information in clear and concise formats (web-based and paper) to maximize utilization for decision-making.