Office Institutional Research and Data Analysis: Institutional Data Page

Welcome to the IRDA Institutional Data page! The Office of Institutional Research and Data Analysis (IRDA) analyzes, distributes, presents, and integrates information used for long-range and short-range strategic planning, decision-making, and policy formulation at Brooklyn College. The division manages internal and external data, ensuring the accuracy of this data before it is communicated to a broad spectrum of users. Additionally, IRDA responds to diverse requests for information (both internal and external) and assist other Brooklyn College units in research and assessment methodology, evaluation, and analysis. Prior to November 2016, this office was known as The Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Assessment (IPRA).

Specific responsibilities and goals of IRDA include:

  • Collecting, coordinating, and reporting of information needed for strategic planning and benchmarking efforts.
  • Providing support for external reporting, quantitative and qualitative analyses, enrollment management, and retention efforts.
  • Developing effective study design that identifies the factors influencing student success at Brooklyn College.
  • Maintaining a longitudinal data warehouse containing information needed for analysis.
  • Consulting with Brooklyn College units involved in data analysis and outcomes assessment activities.
  • Surveying different constituencies to obtain information on institutional processes and outcomes.
  • Communicating information in clear and concise formats (web-based and paper) to maximize utilization for decision-making.