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Anjana D. Saxena

Professor and Chairperson

Location: 416NE Ingersoll Hall Extension
Phone: 718.951.5000 x2671
Fax: 718.951.4659

Anjana Saxena studies nucleolar stress factors (NSFs) and their role/s in regulating cell cycle under normal conditions and during cellular responses to DNA damage. Nucleolin is an abundant nucleolar phosphoprotein that is overexpressed in variety of cancers. She studies how nucleolin regulates mRNA stability/translation via direct binding to target-mRNAs or indirectly through protein-protein interactions in the p53 signaling, DNA damage response and ribosomal biogenesis pathways. Her long-term goal is to define the role/s of nucleolin in regulating gene expression that drives cellular decisions of growth (hence, survival and proliferation) or cell cycle arrest (that can lead to repair or cell death) with the potential to identify molecules of therapeutic values.
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