Mission Statement

To generate, encourage and promote the educational purposes of Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and the educational welfare of its students in their relations with each other, the Members of the faculty, the alumni and the community, and to these ends, and for no other purposes, to perform any and all of the following:

  • To provide scholarships, fellowships, prizes and other assistance to worthy students and graduates of said College for and on account of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • To provide awards and prizes to Brooklyn College students, alumni, faculty members, staff members or other persons for outstanding achievements or services to the College, the community, or to the furtherance of higher education generally.
  • To contribute funds for the library, the academic departments, and for the administration of said College, the establishment, maintenance, building, improvement, operation and support of recreational rooms, places, and buildings of said College, the functioning and operation of the curricular and extra-curricular activities of said College and its related and associated agencies.

Revised and Adopted May, 2002