The success of our campaign since 2000 — exceeding $100 million in private support — has proved what we can achieve as a community with the inspiring support of many alumni and friends.

Accordingly, we have set an ambitious new target of a further $100 million for a total of $200 million in the Foundation for Success Campaign (pdf). This new phase of our campaign will advance our goals of attracting first-rate faculty, fostering academic innovation aligned with the needs of our society, providing 21st-century teaching and research facilities, and offering our students the full range of academic and real-world learning experiences that will lead to future success.

During fiscal year 2013, the foundation received major leadership gifts from the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, Samuel  Seidman '55, Doris Ohlsen '51, and the estates of Fannie K. Beyer '43, Stanley A. August '65 and Daniel M. Lyons '39. In the coming year, the campaign will continue to benefit from all of our alumni who, in partnership with such leadership gifts, will make it possible to ensure Brooklyn College's continuous growth and our students' lifelong success.

Campaign Components (as of June 30, 2015)

Component  Goal Received Completed
Promoting Student Success $50,000,000 $61,329,875 123%
Advancing Institutional Effectiveness in Leadership (new) $25,000,000 $11,081,644 44%
Fostering Innovation in Teaching and Research $35,000,000


Creating Ambitious New Graduate Programs in Cinema $15,000,000 $29,319,922 195%
Modernizing Facilities to Support Our Mission $55,000,000 $50,767,190 92%
Supporing The Annual Fund $20,000,000 $21,337,473 107%
Subtotal $200,000,000 $201,152,596 101%