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Nicolas Biais

Associate Professor


Nicolas Biais received a Ph.D. at the interface between physics and biology from University Paris 7 in France (a.k.a. Université Paris Diderot) studying the role of physical forces in the organization and motility of different eukaryotic systems. He switched gears to look at smaller entities when he joined Michael Sheetz's lab at Columbia University in 2004 and started studying the role of physical forces in the microbial world. Under the mentorship of Magdalene So first at OHSU, Portland, then at University of Arizona, Tucson, he was introduced to the intricacies of microbiology and decided that he found his scientific home. Joining Brooklyn College in 2013, Biais started a lab dedicated to the study of the role of physical forces in microbiology, the Mechano-Micro Biology Lab, where he is happily merging biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology with the development of new force measurement devices.

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