Authorized Signatory Forms

To perform any of the following functions you must be an authorized signatory:

  • Handle timesheets
  • Submit payments
  • Submit requisitions to the FBSC, Staples, UPS, Mailing Services, Printworks, Copy Center, and Central
  • Stores
  • Obtain and sign keycards
  • Oversee interoffice movement of equipment
  • Accept UPS packages
  • Receive and request budget reports
  • Request budget transfers

To obtain authorization to perform any of these functions, the department head must complete and sign a New Employee Add Form, which can be requested via The individual seeking authorization and the department head, or individual responsible for the particular budget, must sign off on the form. Signatories may be modified at any point throughout the year.

It is also mandatory that each department completes and returns a new Authorized Signature Form each fiscal year. For audit purposes, usually in the month of May, a PDF summary is emailed to each department head for review of the current authorization settings. Making revisions to settings is optional but signing and returning the form to Michael Lanza in 1433 Boylan Hall is a must.

For an individual needs to have certain authorizations revoked, an Authorized Signature Form must be requested. To revoke an authorization, simply cross it out on the form. To completely delete an individual from the authorization system, simply write DELETE on their signature line. Again, the department head, or individual responsible for the budget, must sign the bottom of the form.

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