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Accounts Payable

I received an invoice in the mail. How should I proceed?
Vendors must mail their invoices directly to the Office of Accounts Payable. First please verify that the invoice belongs to your department. If the invoice is not yours, please mail the original invoice to the Office of Accounts Payable.

  • If the invoice belongs to your department and it is being paid through a Tax-Levy fund, please verify that you have received the goods/services by signing (authorized signatures only, no initials) and dating the original invoice and write "okay to pay" on the invoice. Please refer to Brooklyn College Authorized Signatories to see who is authorized to sign under your OTPS budget.
  • If the Purchase Order is not listed on the invoice, please write it in the upper right corner of the invoice.
  • Mail the original invoice to the Office of Accounts Payable and keep a copy for your records.

If the invoice belongs to your department and it is being paid with a Procurement Credit Card, please mail the original invoice to FBSC.

If the invoice is belongs to your department and it is being paid through a Non-Tax Levy fund please contact FBSC.

My department received the order. What should I do?
For an order to be paid from a Tax-Levy fund on a timely manner, your department needs to submit the following paperwork to the Office of Accounts Payable immediately:

  • Submit the gold copy of the PO, with an Authorized Signature (no initials) and the date the order was received. If you received the order partially, please make a copy of the gold Purchase Order and indicate a partial payment by checking off the partial payment box of the stamp. Mail signed and dated copy to Accounts Payable. Once you receive the last shipment of your order, you can then submit the gold copy of the Purchase Order indicating final payment on the stamp.
  • Submit the original Packing Slip and any other documents received with the shipment. Please write the Purchase Order number in the upper right corner of your packing slip.

Important: Tax Levy payments cannot be processed without a dated and signed receiving report.

My department never received the gold copy of the purchase order. What should I do?
If your order was processed and is showing as encumbered on your OTPS report but you never received the gold copy of the Purchase Order or if it was misplaced or lost, please contact the offices of Purchasing or Accounts Payable to obtain a replacement copy.

Why does my department need to submit the gold copy of the Purchase Order and packing slip(s) immediately after we received goods/services?
The State Comptroller's Office requires prompt payment of invoices which means payments must be processed and transmitted to the State within 30 calendar days from the date the goods/services and a proper invoice(s) are received by the college. Delayed payments are being closely reviewed and monitored by the State and agencies are being held accountable for late payments. When payments are not made within 30 calendar days after receipt date of the vendor invoice or goods/services, (whichever is later) OSC requires interest charges.

Does Brooklyn College pay for New York State sales tax?
No. The Tax Law exempts New York State governmental entities such as City University of New York, from the payment of New York State sales and use tax on purchases.

Will the Office of Accounts Payable prepay for goods and/or services for purchase orders that are charged to my OTPS?
The Office of Accounts Payable makes advance payments for membership, conference registration fees and subscription dues only. First your department needs to receive goods/services and certify that services/work specified under the contract has been performed/received satisfactorily. Only then the Office of Accounts Payable will issue a check to a vendor.

What if I lost the original invoice? Will Accounts Payable accept a copy? What information should an invoice have?
The invoice must be original; however, if the original invoice was lost or misplaced to ensure a prompt payment an emailed copy of the invoice would be acceptable.

Invoices that are being charged to your OTPS budget should indicate the following information:

  • Bill to: Brooklyn College
    Accounts Payable-Box 711
    2900 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn, New York, 11210
  • Vendor's Federal Identification (FEIN)
  • Total amount due
  • Invoice date
  • Vendor's (payee) name
  • Vendor's complete remittance address
  • Type of service/merchandise provided
  • Date(s) the service/merchandise was provided.

Most vendors usually provide this information on their invoices. For the smaller businesses a legibly handwritten memo, with the above information, is sufficient too.

What do I do if a vendor informs me that a payment for an order has not been received?
Call the Office of Accounts Payable for all Tax Levy payment issues and Fiscal & Business Service Center for all Non-Tax Levy payment issues. You will need to provide Accounts Payable with the appropriate PO/Requisition number for the order and we will check the order and advise you of the payment status.

You can also tell the vendor to contact us directly and we will resolve the payment issues with the vendor.

However, before you do so, please make sure that you submitted all required documentation to Accounts Payable authorizing the issuance of the payment to the vendor.

I submitted my travel reimbursement paperwork. When can I expect my travel check?
It generally takes approximately ten business days to receive your check after Accounts Payable has received your paperwork.

What paperwork do I need to submit for a travel reimbursement?
Please review the Tax Levy Travel Procedure guidelines. If you need assistance completing your forms and/or have any questions on the travel guidelines, please feel free to contact the Office of Accounts Payable.

To what address is my travel check mailed?
Checks are mailed to the recipient's home address, as indicated on the Travel Voucher for CUNY form. Please note that it is important to include your Zip Code on the form!

What if I haven't received my travel check after ten days or more?
Notify Accounts Payable, and we will follow up with the Office of the State Comptroller, which issues the checks. It usually takes about ten to fifteen business days for the State to respond to us. (This same process applies to vendors who have not received a check.)

What if my travel request is being covered with the College's Travel Credit Card?
For travel expenses paid with BC Travel Credit Card please submit the paperwork to Purchasing. For out-of-pocket expenses please refer to our Tax Levy Travel guidelines.

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How do I set up a StaplesLink account?
For more information visit the Fiscal and Business Services Center StaplesLink page.

Can I transfer funds from Postage to another budget?
No. You cannot transfer any of the original base budget funding from your postage account. Postage money can only be used for mailings. If, however, you transfer OTPS money to cover postage, and later realize you do not need the funds for postage, you may return those funds, or the remaining amount, back to the budget it came from.

How can one of my staff members begin receiving budget reports?
The first step is to request an Authorized Signatory Form from You will need to complete and submit the form to room 1433 Boylan Hall, then access will be given to the individual.

Can I transfer funds from a tax levy account to a non-tax levy account?
No. Tax Levy accounts are simply budgets. Non-Tax Levy accounts are real money. There is no mechanism for transfers between Tax Levy and Non-Tax Levy accounts.

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Where do faculty and staff pick up paychecks?
Go to Check Distribution, Enrollment Services Center, Boylan Hall Cafeteria. Paychecks are available after 3:00 p.m. on the Wednesday immediately preceding the Thursday pay date, or any time thereafter for the following fifteen days (excluding weekends and times when Check Distribution is closed).

What identification do I need to pick up my paycheck?
A valid college photo ID card is required to pick up a paycheck.

What happens if I don’t pick up my paycheck?
If you haven’t picked up your paycheck within 15 days of distribution, it is forwarded to the college’s Office of Payroll, 1156 Boylan. If the check is not picked up from that office within 15 days (30 days from the date issued), it is returned to the NY State Office of the Comptroller.

What happens if I have direct deposit of my paycheck?
A direct deposit statement is available at Check Distribution, Enrollment Services Center, Boylan Hall Cafeteria. The statement in held for in this office until the Friday afternoon following the pay date. Statements not picked up are sent on the following Monday to the appropriate college department, via interoffice mail.

Where can I get information enrolling in the direct deposit paycheck program?
You can apply for the program at the Office of Payroll, 1156 Boylan. Payroll will determine eligibility and provide you with the appropriate form.

Where can I get information about my paycheck?
Questions concerning paychecks and direct deposit statements, including the amount of pay and the information displayed, are addressed to the Office of Payroll, 1156 Boylan. Payroll processes and records the information used to create a paycheck. (Check Distribution does not have this information.)

Where do students obtain bills?
Students can obtain a bill, also known as a registration statement, in the Enrollment Services Center located in the Boylan Hall cafeteria. A copy of your bill may also be downloaded from your WebSIMS account.

Where do students pay bills?
Students can pay their bills in person in the Enrollment Services Center, mail their payments to the address provided on the bill, or pay their bill by electronic transfer or credit card by logging onto their WebCentral account and clicking on "Pay Tuition and Fees". For students with financial and/or other aid, grants, loans, or third-party payment commitments that are sufficient to preclude personal payment, the college awaits payment from the responsible party or parties.
However, should any or all of the third-party payments fail to be made, students are ultimately held responsible for the cost of their education.

How can students determine their tuition balance and financial aid status?
Students can log onto WEBSIMS and click on "Billing and Financial Aid Information" then select the semester they want to view.

Where can students get information about refunds?
For refund information, refer students to 1147 Boylan. However, since the Office of Refunds automatically processes actual student credit balances in a timely manner, a student need not apply, or even be aware of, a credit balance in order to receive a refund.

How do students receive their refunds?
If a refund is due from funds the student has paid the college, the Office of Refunds sends a check for the appropriate amount to the SIMS home address of record, unless the student has informed us of a change of address. Refunds of financial aid or loan programs are automatically processed through CUNY's central office according to an established schedule. These checks are also mailed to the SIMS address of record for the student. The schedule of refund payments is prepared by the BC Office of Financial Aid in 1306 James. Students receiving refunds of financial aid processed through CUNY's central office can also have the funds directly deposited into their bank account. The form and information to do this are available in the Financial Aid office located in 1306 James Hall or in the Enrollment Services Center located in 0100A Boylan Hall

How does a student update personal mailing address information?
The student may complete an appropriate form in the Enrollment Services Center. It is imperative that each student provides current address information so that all financial transactions are conducted accurately and efficiently. Address changes may also be made by accessing your WebSIMS account and following the prompts.

Where can I send students with financial problems?
Students with financial difficulties may be referred to the Office of Financial Aid. There, they can speak with a counselor about a variety of solutions. Because finalizing assistance may take a significant amount of time, students are urged to address financial problems as quickly as possible.

Does the Bursar provide information over the phone?
No. According to the New York State Buckley Amendment, we are not permitted to provide student account information via "live" telephone conversation. Students may obtain account information from Bursar staff in the Enrollment Services Center in 0100A Boylan Hall. Students may also obtain information from their WebSIMS account.

Who can obtain information from the Office of the Bursar?
Any student with a valid, current ID can obtain his or her account information. The student may designate a representative to obtain information, as long as he/she provides a notarized letter authorizing such representation.

Where can students obtain information about their TAP awards?
In the Office of Financial Aid, 1306 James Hall. Or, by accessing their WebSIMS account and looking at the Financial Aid screen.

How do students apply for TAP grants?
Students contact the Office of Financial Aid, 1306 James Hall.

Where can students get information about their Perkins Loans?
In the Office of Financial Aid, 1306 James Hall.

How do students apply for Perkins Loans grants?
Students contact the Office of Financial Aid, 1306 James Hall.

Where do students get their financial aid checks?
Financial aid checks are not available for pick-up. Financial Aid checks are mailed to the student's address on record.

Where can students get information about their financial aid checks?
Information about a refund check, amount, availability or expected issue date can be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid, 1306 James Hall, only.

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The toner for my Konica copier has run out and I am in the middle of making copies. What do I do?
Carefully remove the toner, shake it lightly from side to side, and place it back into the compartment. This should allow for an extra couple of hundred copies until the new toner arrives. Place an order for toner right away. See instructions for ordering toner.

How long does it take for toner to arrive after I place an order?
Toner usually arrives within 2-3 business days. See instructions for ordering toner.

How long does it take for the technician to arrive after I place a service call?
The technician usually arrives within 24 hours but the process may take from 1-2 business days. See instructions for placing a service call.

My copier is jammed and I need to finish a print/copy job. What can I do?
Attempt to read the copier's onscreen instructions to clear the jam. Most of the jams can be easily cleared up in this way by the end user. If problem persists, please call for service right away. See instructions for placing a service call.

I have tried installing a new toner cartridge and now the toner bottle holder does not lock into place.
This is usually caused because of improper removal of the original toner. Before setting the new toner bottle, align the protrusions as indicated on the toner box under Instruction # 4. If you are still having trouble, please call for service right away. See instructions for placing a service call.

Who pays for the service and supplies on my Konica Minolta copier?
Brooklyn College manages the contract for Konica Minolta copiers and takes care of all the billing. You do not need to pay anything or remit any packing slips for supplies to the Office of Accounts Payable.

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Deputy Comptroller

How long does it take for a payment request to be processed?
Generally, it takes about five business days for a payment request to be processed.

Where is my check? (Scholarship and Awards, Trusts and Gifts)
Our office receives and processes all payments. The check is mailed to you within about five days of completion of this process.

When are the Financial Statements going to be ready?
Financial Statements are usually completed by the 20th day of the month following each closing date. If financial data could not be processed by this deadline, the reports are processed as soon as possible.

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Fiscal and Business Services

Where can I find purchase requisitions, travel forms, etc?
Please visit the forms section of our website.

What happens after a purchase requisition is submitted to the Fiscal and Business Services Center?
When the department has completed the purchase requisition form it is submitted to FBSC (Fiscal and Business Services Center) to initiate the process. The Fiscal and Business Services Center ensures that incoming purchase requisitions are in compliance with the State, CUNY and Brooklyn College guideline before they are entered into our internal system. If there are no errors, then the information is entered into our internal system. The requisition is then submitted to Purchasing for further review and processing.

How long will it take the Fiscal and Business Services Center to process a requisition?
If all proper paperwork and backup is presented at the time of submission it should take the following business days for requisitions.

  • Purchase Requisition: approximately 1-2 Business Days
  • Personal Reimbursement: approximately 1-2 Business Days
  • Library Requisition: approximately 1-2 Business Days
  • Travel Reimbursement: approximately 1-3 Business Days
  • Honorarium Payment: approximately 1-3 Business Days

How long will it take to process our Staples order?
If an order is submitted before 12 p.m., the department can expect delivery the following business day. If it is submitted after 12 p.m., the items will arrive two days from the date of submission.

Who do I contact regarding Staples return?
Please visit the Staples section of our website.

Who do I contact with questions regarding Konica Minolta?
If you have a repair/replace/order related question, please contact Konica Minolta at 800-456-5664. Provide them with your serial number. If you have any additional question regarding, you can also contact Pavel Gerashenko at extension 5778.

Who do I contact if our department needs to request a replacement/repair work for Deer Park?
If you have any questions or requests related to Deer Park water cooler; please send a detailed email to

Where can I get a parking pass?
You can visit the B.C. Portal Website to apply for a parking pass online. You can also visit 1146 Boylan Hall between 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for a parking pass.

What do I need in order to request a parking pass?
A valid B.C. ID or Proof of employment letter from HR, valid car registration & valid driver's license. We accept personal check, money order and major credit card for payment.

Where is the parking lot located?
College parking lot is located around Avenue H just off Ocean Avenue at Campus Road; lot entrance at top of athletic field.

What are the hours of operation for the parking lot?
The parking lot is open from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. on Mondays through Sundays for Faculty and staff members; and from 3-11 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sundays for evening and weekend students.

I received a parking ticket, where should I go to pay the fee?
You should visit 1146 Boylan Hall to make the parking fee payment.

I haven't received my check or how long will I have to wait to receive my check?
If you have any questions regarding check processing, arrival or delay, please contact Accounts Payable (Extension 5421).

To which office do I submit the Citibank procurement logs?
Citibank procurement logs should be sumbitted directly to the Office of Purchasing.

How do I show proof of payment for a reimbursement if I have purchased something online?
Proof of payment would be your monthly credit card statement showing your name and address along with the original receipt or online confirmation for the transaction.

What type of documentation is sufficient for personal reimbursements related to an event that took place?
Flyers, programs, itineraries, invitations, etc.

What happens if I do not have the original invoice?
A copy or faxed invoice would be accepted in this situation along with a memo explaining the absence of the original and requesting payment on the copy of the invoice.

Do you need to submit a W-9 for reimbursements?

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Financial Reporting

How do I determine the Temporary Service Budget balance for my department?
An authorized caller can contact our office to obtain the information by phone and/or a printout of the appropriate Temporary Service Account. The printout indicates appointments charged against the allocated budget and any available balance. If the caller is not authorized, we direct the request to an authorized staff member.

Do you supply information about the work hours remaining for College Assistants/Student Aides/Non-Teaching Adjuncts?
No. This information is tracked and provided by the Office of Payroll. Please contact them for the information.

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