Tax Levy Budget Reports

Individuals may request tax levy budget reports. They can choose from OTPS, PSTS (Temp Services), Adjunct, and Postage reports. Each file will reflect a single account. Reports are available in both HTML and .xls formats. OTPS reports will reflect all transactions that have been processed by the Fiscal and Business Services Center, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Central Stores, the Copy Center, PrintWorks, and the Mailroom at the time the reports were generated. PSTS and Adjunct reports reflect all appointment transactions that have been processed by Financial Reporting. Lastly, postage reports reflects all U.S. mail postage expenses incurred. If something you submitted is not listed in the reports within a reasonable time, please contact the office to which the request was sent.

Please refer to the Budget Reports Glossary for instructions on using these reports.

If you wish to begin recieving automated reports or have questions, please email or contact one of the individuals identified as a resource during the budget training. You may view the Budget Training Presentation.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact Alan Gilbert or David Gretah.