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Alexander Greer


Location: 341 Ingersoll Hall Extension
Phone: 718.951.5000 x2830
Fax: 718.951.4607
Email:   Alexander Greer's Web site

Our group is interested in fundamental aspects of organic chemistry and photochemistry. Factors that control or amplify production of reactive oxygen species are of interest. We embrace multiple technologies, even engineering. We have pioneered a fiber optic method for singlet oxygen and sensitizer delivery for precision eradication of cancer cells in vitro in a process called "pointsource" photodynamic therapy (i.e. a new acronym PSPDT). Our basic notion is also to integrate technology from organic chemistry to green chemistry and antibacterial action. Some projects are focused on the inactivation of bacteria at air/liquid interfaces including delivery of singlet oxygen to sites and accentuating its toxicity with surfactants. Lastly, theoretical methods are also used to try to deepen our understanding of experiments, reaction mechanisms are probed with density functional theory. Our work is currently funded by the National Science Foundation.

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