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KINS 3150 Digital Technology in Kinesiology

2 hours lecture and lab; 1 credit

Detailed examination and practical experience utilizing various digital technologies including Dartfish Connect Motion Analysis Software (, Dartfish USA, Inc). Experience in desktop publishing, data entry and analysis, producing slides, digital photography and video capture/editing. Students registered for this course must also be registered for Physical Education and Exercise Science/Kinesiology 4250. Skills acquired in this class are important for success in Physical Education and Exercise Science/Kinesiology 4250, 4260, 4750, 4760, 4406 or Secondary Education 4406, and Physical Education and Exercise Science/Kinesiology 4412 or Secondary Education 4412.


The City University reserves the right, because of changing conditions, to make modifications of any nature in academic programs and requirements of the university and its constituent colleges without advanced notice. Students are advised to consult regularly with college and department counselors concerning their programs of study.

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