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SEED 4004 Principles and Practices of Coaching and Officiating

3 hours; 3 credits

Provides an overview of the professions of athletic coaching and officiating; Addresses the roles coaches and officials play in the educational environment, ethical behavior of participants, safety, teaching, successful organization and administration of competition, and evaluation of performances. Students develop an educationally sound philosophy of coaching. Topics include organizational patterns, objectives of sport programs, controls, game management, records, conducting of tournaments, officials, awards, and means of promoting the programs. Students are introduced to the professional requirements of officiating intramural and athletic contests. Course examines the basic elements of sports officiating including interpretations of rules and regulations and provides students with opportunities to fulfill the role of officials in a variety of sports. (Not open to students who have completed KINS 4004.)

Prerequisites: Declared Physical Education major, minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA


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