Margarite Fernandez Olmos

Modern Languages and Literatures

Location: 4231 Boylan Hall
Phone: 718.951.4110
Fax: 718.951.4235

Fernandez Olmos considers her research and teaching interests over the past 30+ years a type of bridge-building in which she has attempted to forge connections across cultures, languages and diverse peoples. The concern for crosscultural links is probably a natural product of her personal background as a U.S. Puerto Rican; her interest in language and translation is also undoubtedly influenced by her bilingual and bicultural origins. And her endeavor to produce scholarly research that reaches beyond a limited group of highly trained specialists, while maintaining value and significance, reflects a concern that scholarship be inclusive as it breaks new ground, broadens the field and transforms knowledge. Her scholarly work has never been isolated from her pedagogical concerns; her literature and Latin American studies classes have often influenced the decision to pursue an area of research and in language classes she considers cultural literacy as significant as linguistic skills.

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