Doctoral Program in Biology

Program Chairperson: Lipke, Peter N

Location: 221 Ingersoll Hall Extension
Phone: 718.951.5396
Fax: 718.951.4659
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The Biology Department at Brooklyn College provides a vibrant environment for research in biology with substantial external grant support and modern facilities, which will be enhanced significantly by a new science facility currently in the planning stages. The department has fifteen full-time faculty on tenure-track lines. The faculty is diverse; one-third is women or members of groups underrepresented in science.

Research specialties represented in the department include work in molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, developmental biology and behavior, and bioinformatics. Organismal biology, with emphasis on microorganisms, is the major focus in much of this work. Evolutionary diverse model systems, including bacteria, fungi, protists (ciliates and photosynthetic algae), plants, and invertebrates (flies, mosquitoes, and crayfish) are being used for investigations of fundamental biological questions that have relevance both as basic science and in such applications as understanding disease states and new treatments for diseases, and new sources of bioenergy. These diverse investigations employ a holistic approach in which the biology of the entire organism is considered in relation to a specific problem for experimentation. Cell, molecular, biochemical, biophysical, bioinformatic, and evolutionary approaches are routinely used for these investigations. Other organismal research areas include evolutionary origins of behavior, microtubule interactions in the cytoskeleton, computational biology, molecular studies of fertilization, organelle trafficking, drug design and mechanism of action, bacterial-induced pathogenesis in plants, photobiology, bioenergy, central nervous system development, and cell wall structure. Specific faculty interests are described below with links to their research lab webpages.

Grant Support and Research Resources
This research is currently supported by more than $5,100,000 in grants from NIH, NSF and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Some of the facilities and equipment available to students doing research in the department can be found by clicking here.

The Brooklyn College Doctoral Program in Biology
Our faculty participate in the CUNY Graduate Center biology doctoral subprograms in molecular cellular and developmental biology, and ecology, evolutionary biology, and behavior. A number of our faculty serve on the doctoral programs in both biology and biochemistry. Highlights of the biology doctoral program on the Brooklyn campus are weekly seminars by visiting scientists, research meetings, and journal discussions. Our students find the atmosphere in the department to be personal, cooperative, and supportive. To ensure our doctoral students are competitive after they obtain their degree, Brooklyn College offers students free professional development workshops in such areas as science teaching, grant writing, laboratory management, effective scientific communication, writing in the sciences, building a competitive curriculum vitae, and searching for academic, industrial, and research jobs. Our commitment to our students does not end when they file their dissertations. Our faculty members continue to provide a supportive professional mentoring network to our students as they advance in their careers.