Brooklyn College Pathways Common Core Implementation Plan — Executive Summary


Wide consultation with faculty and students continues. Two joint initial resolutions presenting alternative curriculum models were crafted by three Faculty Council standing committees charged with undergraduate curriculum. Additional resolutions will be discussed and voted upon at the May Faculty Council meeting.

Bulletin and Communication

  • The Office of the Provost will enter new and revised courses into SharePoint subsequent to the curricular process and will post all relevant Pathways information into the front matter of the 2013–14 Bulletin.
  • The Office of Communications and Marketing will modify the website architecture to accommodate the Pathways framework; incorporate appropriate navigational paths for students, faculty and staff; and ensure that relevant content is published. The office will develop and implement a communication campaign to deliver information about Brooklyn College’s Pathways implementation to students, faculty and staff.

Enrollment Management and Information Technology

ITS, the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Transfer Services will collaborate on updating DegreeWorks, SIMS and CUNYFirst, the articulation rules in BEST and TIPPS, and the course scheduling system bell code.

Academic Advisement

The Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success (CAASS) will revise registration guides and orientation materials for freshmen and transfer students, and will conduct multiple “SMART to Finish” workshops to train all advisers to advise entering and continuing students about the Pathways common core and opt-in provisions. CAASS will run biweekly workshops on the opt-in plan for continuing students, beginning in fall 2012 and continuing through spring 2013.

Instruction and Assessment

  • The Office of Academic Assessment will support faculty in revision of learning outcomes and assessment plans for Pathways courses and advise on post-implementation assessment.
  • The Learning Center will develop training materials on common core learning outcomes and conduct training workshops for peer-tutors
  • The annual Core Review Day in June 2013 will support adjunct and full-time faculty development in teaching, learning and assessment of the common core.

View the complete Brooklyn College Pathways Common Core Implementation Plan (pdf).