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ECAE 3106 Teaching Mathematics in the Early Years: General and Special Education

2 hours mathematics laboratory, 2 hours supervised field experience; 2 credits

Approaches to the teaching of mathematics with an emphasis on the curricular and instructional topics emphasized in early childhood. These include the development of mathematical thinking processes in young children; curricular guidelines from New York State, National Association for the Education of Young Children, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; integration of mathematical experiences into all curricular areas; needs of special populations, including English language learners; familial involvement; appropriate use of technology; and multiple perspectives on assessment. Development of early childhood teaching portfolio.

Prerequisite: Early Childhood and Art Education 2003, 2004, 3101, 3102, 3103, 3104, 3105, and Mathematics 1021, 1401 and 1406 and obtain 80% or above on the Early Childhood and Art Department math competency exam. Prerequisite or corequisite: Early Childhood and Art Education 3107.


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