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M.S. degree program in earth and environmental sciences
HEGIS code 1914
NYS SED program code 36028

The M.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences is a thesis-based degree emphasizing research and independent work. Thesis research may be conducted in such areas as classical geology, including petrology, sedimentology, geochemistry, and paleontology; geotechnology, including GIS and remote sensing; and environmental science, including groundwater hydrology, environmental chemistry, and aquatic pollution.

Our M.S. degree prepares students to pursue a doctoral degree at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York or at another university of their choice, and to teach and conduct research at the college and university level, or in industrial, governmental and survey agencies.

Program Heads

Office Hours
Cherrier, Jennifer Graduate Deputy 718 951 5000 X 2927 5312 Ingersol jennifer.cherrier18 @ Call/Email for appointment


Admission Requirements

No admission requirement information available for this program at this time.


Matriculation requirements
Applicants must offer an undergraduate major in geology, environmental science or a related field, completed with a grade point average of 3.00 (B) or higher, and have completed EESC 7150 with a grade of B+ or higher.

General matriculation and admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies are in the Bulletin section "Admission."

Degree requirements
Thirty credits in courses in Earth and Environmental Sciences are required for the M.S. degree, including the following required courses: EESC 7151, 7155, 7521, and 7771. Pertinent courses in other science departments may be included in the 30 credits with permission of the Graduate Deputy.

Students must register for 1 to 3 credits of Thesis Research (EESC 7951, 7952, or 7953). Prior to enrolling in a Thesis Research Course, the student must assemble a Thesis Committee consisting of the thesis advisor and one other faculty member. Students must maintain a professional portfolio and submit the complete document for approval by the Earth and Environmental Science Department prior to graduation. In addition, students must defend a thesis acceptable to a thesis defense committee appointed by the Graduate Deputy.

Information about requirements for the thesis is in the Bulletin section "Academic Regulations and Procedures."

Courses in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department offered toward the M.S. degree must be numbered 7100 or above.

The program of study must be approved by the deputy chairperson.

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