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Jacob Shane

Assistant Professor

Location: 4301a James Hall
Phone: 718.951.5000 x3845
Fax: 718.951.4814

Jacob Shane joined Brooklyn College in spring 2015 after receiving his Ph.D. in psychology and social behavior from the University of California, Irvine. He is a developmental psychologist whose research examines how motivation and opportunity direct and reflect individuals' development across the life span. This includes the dynamic relationships between individuals' broader beliefs about society, their beliefs about themselves, and their motivational commitment to central life goals. Current lines of research include (1) School-to-Work transition, (2) Socio-emotional development through Adolescence, (3) Career development across adulthood, and (4) Community involvement across the lifespan. These areas are investigated with longitudinal, experimental, correlational, and qualitative methods.

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