Elisabeth Brauner


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Elisabeth Brauner studied Slavic languages, sociology and literature science for several semesters before focusing on psychological science. All of this has shaped her view of what psychology is and why it is important to do empirical work before jumping to conclusions. Her first research project at the University of Oldenburg dealt with experimental aesthetics -- how people perceive works of art based on their level of expertise. In her "Diplom" thesis, she investigated whether social accentuation, the fact that our cognitive representations do not always match physical reality, can be explained by Fechner's or Stevens' laws of psychophysics. Since then, her research became more oriented toward social groups. Her dissertation research dealt with the influence of social interaction on mental models, and vice versa. The research for her "Habilitation" (a second dissertation required for professorship in Germany) addressed transactive memory systems in groups and organizations.

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