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ANTH +1105 Comparative Studies in Cultures and Transformation

3 hours; 3 credits

Multidisciplinary exploration of the cultures and history of at least two societies. Thematic emphasis. Themes drawn from issues such as colonization, gender, urbanization, social movements, race and ethnic relations, north/south/east-west dyads, religion, nationalism, geography, encounter, diasporic communities, core-periphery, modernity and modernization, globalization, and transnationalism. A minimum of two world areas chosen from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands. Comparison of selected cultural clusters and social themes. (Not open to students who have completed Core Curriculum 3208.) 2017-2018: Satisfies Pathways College Option requirement. Starting Fall 2018 Satisfies Pathways Flexible Core World Cultures and Global Issues requirement.


The City University reserves the right, because of changing conditions, to make modifications of any nature in academic programs and requirements of the university and its constituent colleges without advanced notice. Students are advised to consult regularly with college and department counselors concerning their programs of study.

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