Wayne G. Powell

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Location: 4227 Ingersoll Hall
Phone: 718.951.5416
Fax: 718.951.4753
Email:   Wayne G. Powell's Web site

Wayne Powell's scientific research interests involve field-based petrological studies applied to broader geological problems. Currently, he is involved in three lines of research: 1) the factors that controlled exceptional preservation in the Burgess Shale-type fossil beds; 2) the origin and timing of Proterozoic orebodies in the Highlands of New York and New Jersey; and 3) tin mineralization in western Serbia and its possible Bronze Age exploitation. He has an ongoing interest in earth's ancient history; his past studies have sought to understand Archean tectonic processes and the origin of Archean lode gold deposits. Powell is involved extensively in aspects of geoscience education design and reform. In particular he is interested in partnerships with museums, parks and community organizations to provide community-based learning opportunities for students of the earth sciences in urban environments, and to empower earth science teachers to deliver similar experiences.

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