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<p>The Student Tech Fee Computer Lab is a center of activity for our students.</p>

The Student Tech Fee Computer Lab is a center of activity for our students.

<p>The Children First Club advocating for children’s rights.</p>

The Children First Club advocating for children’s rights.

<p>Dr. Gertrud Lenzer with Children and Youth Studies Senior Award Recipients</p>

Dr. Gertrud Lenzer with Children and Youth Studies Senior Award Recipients

<p>Presentation of the Outstanding Senior Award to a graduating Children and Youth Studies major.</p>

Presentation of the Outstanding Senior Award to a graduating Children and Youth Studies major.

Children and Youth Studies

The Brooklyn College Children and Youth Studies Program, with an interdisciplinary faculty from the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, education, and related academic areas, provides interdisciplinary perspectives on the individual experiences, social conditions, and rights of children and youth in historical and present contexts. Furthermore, the program aims to understand these complex experiences and conditions in global, national, and local contexts by integrating course content with field-based curricula and research. Through these efforts, the Children and Youth Studies program supports the college's larger mission to provide a superior Liberal Arts and Science education as well as promote applied and practitioner based skills. This combined focus on academic and applied content prepares students to participate in and contribute to a variety of child and youth related fields.

Program Goals

  1. To be aware of the distinct place in society children and youth, as a culturally specific cohort, occupy both historically and in the present.
  2. To understand the complexity and diversity of social conditions experienced by children and youth across the globe.
  3. To link theory to praxis by engaging students in multidisciplinary opportunities for research, advocacy, and professional development in traditional, non-traditional, and emerging areas of children and youth studies. 

What Can I Do With a Children and Youth Studies Degree?

Our program provides a holistic interdisciplinary perspective of issues concerning children and youth. We offer a broad range of courses that examines up to date topics affecting children and youth within the context of the family, school, peer groups, and community, as well as a national and global perspective. Our program provides the academic foundation and career focus necessary to pursue a wide variety of professions working directly or indirectly with children and youth. 


Children's First Club

Interested in advocating for children and youth? Join the Children's First Club!

The underlying purpose of the Children's First Club (CFC) is to convey ideas into action and build a positive outlook for the future of our youth. Creativity, research and passionate members drive the CFC and its success.

The CFC serves children and youth by generating awareness through research, volunteer work, seminars and internships. The CFC provides a forum for discussion on important past, present and future issues concerning children and youth, and allows Children and Youth Studies students access to the Children's Studies Center, a resource which contains a collection of useful print and electronic research materials.

Besides being able to add this invaluable experience to your resume, the CFC provides students with the personal fulfillment and pride that comes along with making a real difference. Members are exposed to potential  careers in the area of children and youth, seek counsel from professionals, and gain leadership skills and valuable knowledge toward improving the lives of children and youth. 

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Contact Information

Director: Jeremy Porter

Location: 1304 James Hall
Phone: 718.951.3192
Fax: 718.677.6154