Student Spotlights

Our students come from many diverse backgrounds and choose a variety of interesting career paths. Student Spotlights demonstrates how our unique program supports and promotes student development, and showcases the many ways a children and youth studies degree helps students achieve their personal and professional goals. Children and youth studies students are given knowledge and power to create change in their own communities and beyond in the service of children and youth everywhere.

Pascale Gay '13, On the Road to Self-Discovery

Meet Debralee Brown, Magner Center Internship Stipend Recipient for Fall 2015!

As part of our Children and Youth Studies Road to Success Campaign, we have created a section of our website to show you where graduates of the Children and Youth Studies Program are now and what they have accomplished. Please view the Awards and Accomplishments page.

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We would love to include your accomplishments on our website and our monthly newsletter. Please e-mail us your recent accomplishments! Let us know if you've made the Dean's List, where you are going to graduate school, if you've accepted a job, or any other exciting news related to your accomplishments as a children and youth studies student. Be sure to include your contact information. If you'd like for us to use your picture, include it in the e-mail.