What are the requirements to major in studies in religion?

You need 21 credits or seven courses. You also must have a primary major from another program or department at Brooklyn College. You may apply up to three credits from your primary major toward fulfilling the requirements of the Studies in Religion Program.

Are there any restrictions on the primary major that I will pair with my major in studies in religion?

Usually there are no restrictions. Simply consult with the coordinator for the Studies in Religion Program before finalizing your decision.

Is it possible to take a course, outside of the ones listed as applying to studies in religion, that I may apply to my major or minor?

If you can make the argument that the course fits in with a line of inquiry that you are pursuing, then the coordinator will support your petition to include the course.

What are the requirements to minor in studies in religion?

You need to complete 15 credits from courses listed in the program's offerings with a grade of C or higher. The only requirement among the courses is to take either RELG 3003: Abrahamic Religions or RELG 3005: Religions of India, China and Japan. Nine of the 15 credits must be completed at Brooklyn College.

What if I would like to take an upper-level religion course with a prerequisite and I have not completed the prerequisite?

Depending on the course, we will try to accommodate your request. This would be on a case-by-case basis, so please feel free to ask the professor and see whether he or she is able to make the exception.

What if I'm not interested in a religious vocation? What good would it do me to major or minor in religion? And, anyway, a religion major can't be worth too much in today's economy!

Employers complain that recent graduates lack writing and critical thinking skills. Also, in a 2008 National Survey, reported by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, employers found only 18 percent of recent college graduates to be very well prepared in their global knowledge and 46 percent not well prepared.

What better major than studies in religion to meet that requirement!

So, indulge your interests and expand your exposure to the world and its people and their beliefs. And know that employers will care that you are sensitive and aware of the complexity of the world around us. Remember, too, you have to have another major in order to major in religion. We are looking for all majors in business and science in addition to the usual pairings with other more "traditional" majors.