Community Service

Students who are engaged in the life of their college feel more connected and are better able to represent the college's mission. At Brooklyn College, we maintain a lively and active campus in order to build an inclusive community. We offer various opportunities for students to be involved on and off campus. These opportunities allow students to expand their service to the community, develop as responsible leaders, network, gain professional contacts, build their résumé, have access to valuable career-building prospects, and form a greater bond with the campus.

All students are encouraged to participate in the various opportunities offered by the Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility (CESR) Office. We also invite students to partake in E.P.A.S.O (Athletics), the Voter Empowerment Project and many other community service programs. In addition, Student Activities Central, located in the Student Center, can point students to the clubs and organizations that sponsor and support a wide array of charities and social justice programs throughout the local and larger community. These include AIDS Awareness, the Global Medical Brigades and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. The Student Center collaborates with "We Are All Brooklyn" and other neighborhood programs for the betterment of the college and the larger community.

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT), available in The Bulldog Connection, is designed to help students document their engagement in co-curricular activities, such as leadership development, diversity and multicultural activities, volunteer and community involvement, professionalism and career development. Students who document significant volunteer service will be considered for a service honors notation on their academic transcript. BC Plugged In is a year-round volunteer program that offers students the opportunity to enhance marketable skills, build campus networking, and improve the community. This program seeks to provide support to first-year students in order to ensure their success in college. Keep in mind that volunteering and involvement in high-impact cocurricular quality programs will greatly impress potential employers.

Becoming involved truly raises the bar for all students, and at Brooklyn College you'll have ample opportunity to become an engaged and active member of the campus and the larger community. If you want to know more about the effectiveness or success of these programs, visit the Division of Student Affairs in 2113 Boylan Hall.