Academic Calendar — Fall 2014

Date Day Detail
April 28 Monday

Fall 2014 Registration begins. Students register by appointment.

August 1 Friday

Readmission deadline for fall 2014.

August 21 Thursday

Last day for visiting students to admit for fall 2014.

August 27 Wednesday Last day to drop for 100% tuition refund.
August 28 Thursday Classes begin. Late registration begins.
August 30 – 31 Saturday – Sunday No weekend classes.
September 1 Monday Labor Day — College closed.
September 2 Tuesday Last day to create an e-permit.
September 3 Wednesday

Last day to ADD a course. Financial aid locked for fall enrollment.

Last day to drop for a 25% tuition liability.

September 4 Thursday

Course drop period begins: An administrative grade of WD is assigned to students who officially drop a class. COA rosters available on CUNYfirst Faculty Self-Service.

September 6 Saturday Weekend classes begin.
September 10 Wednesday

Last day to file Elective Pass/Fail applications.

Last day to drop for 50% tuition liability.

Verification of Enrollment due for assignment of WN grades.

September 15 Monday Last day to apply for fall 2014 graduation.
September 17 Wednesday

Last day to drop for 75% tuition liability.

Last day to drop a course without the grade of W.

Census date — Form A cutoff.

Declaration of major/Change of major deadline.

September 18 Thursday Course Withdrawal period begins(A grade of W is assigned to students who officially withdraw from a course).
September 23 Tuesday Conversion Day — Classes follow a Friday schedule.
September 24 – 26 Wednesday – Friday Rosh Hashana — No classes.
September 26 Friday

Last Day to Apply for the Language and Comprehensive Exams (Graduate Students)

Last day to submit immunization form for incoming resident students.

October 3 – 4 Friday – Saturday No classes.
October 10 Friday Last day to submit immunization form for international students.
October 12 Sunday No classes.
October 13 Monday

Columbus Day — College closed — No classes.

November 6 Thursday

Course withdrawal period ends. Last day to withdraw with the grade of W.

Comprehensive Exams (Sabbath Observers)

November 7 Friday Last day for undergraduate students to resolve spring and summer 2014 INC grades.
November 8 Saturday Comprehensive Exams (Graduate Students)
November 12 – 13 Wednesday – Thursday Comprehensive Exams — Department of Psychology
November 21 Friday Last day for faculty to submit change of INC grade for spring and summer 2014 undergraduate students.
November 27 – 30 Thursday – Sunday Thanksgiving holiday — College closed — No classes.
December 1 Monday

Readmission deadline for the winter 2015 semester.

Graduate deadline for resolving spring and summer INC grades

December 3 Wednesday Graduate Language Exams
December 15 Monday

Deadline for filing for residency for fall 2014.

Graduate students — Last day to file for Maintenance of Matriculation

December 16 Tuesday Reading Day
December 17 – 23 Wednesday – Tuesday Final Examinations — Day/Evening classes.
December 20 – 21 Saturday – Sunday Final Examinations — Weekend classes.
December 23 Tuesday End of Fall term.
December 24 – 25 Wednesday – Thursday

Christmas holiday — College closed.

December 31 Wednesday

New Year's Eve — College closed.

January 1, 2015 Thursday

New Year's Day — College closed.

January 2 Friday Graduate students — Last day to file Approved Thesis

*Dropped course(s) will not appear on your transcript. Withdrawn course(s) will appear on your transcript with a grade of W but will not count in your academic index.

**Common Hours: Community-building activities and programs are encouraged. Students who are not scheduled for classes may visit 302 Student Center. DAY Common Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:15–2:15 p.m. On Common Hour evenings, EVE classes scheduled in the regular twice-a-week pattern will be shortened to 50 minutes.

***The official graduating classes of September 2014, February 2015 and June 2015 are eligible to participate in the MAY 2015 Commencement Exercises. Commencement information and updates may be found on BC WebCentral. Click the Student Affairs tab and scroll down to Commencement.