14th Annual Faculty Day, 2010

The 14th Annual Faculty Day affords an opportunity to pause from business as usual in order to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the Brooklyn College faculty. The day features a multidisciplinary conference — including symposia, a luncheon, poster sessions, roundtable discussions and a faculty talent show — culminating in an awards ceremony and reception. At the conference, colleagues share their scholarly work and academic concerns with each other and their students. The talent show highlights avocational accomplishments of faculty members. At the awards ceremony, individual members of the faculty are honored for achievements in teaching, research and service.

Faculty Day emerged out of a desire to develop a sense of community and to improve the quality of intellectual and social life on campus. It offers a unique occasion to engage in dialogue about our academic activities with colleagues from diverse disciplines as well as an opportunity to formally recognize our work. We invite you to participate in Faculty Day and contribute to Brooklyn College's professional vitality.

Faculty Day Committee

Myra Kogen, co-chair
Jerrold S. Mirotznik, co-chair
Kathleen Axen
Graciela Elizalde-Utnick
Len Fox
Nicholas Irons
Stephanie Jensen-Moulton
Robert Jones, Jr.
Susan Longtin
Irina Patkanian
Mariana Regalado
Richard Vento
Elaine Weisenberg
Judith Wild