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Graduate studies in biology can be minute in scale or vast in scope.

As a graduate student, you are interested in continuing your studies in biology — a huge and diverse area of human knowledge that includes everything from the behavior that codes genetic information to enormous ecosystems that cover the surface of our planet. Our Department of Biology offers numerous courses and programs of study that reflect the wide range and depth of options in the discipline. This means that you can focus on anything from the behavior and survival tactics of marine animals like the Nautilus, or you can work on producing biofuels, or you can concentrate on the tiny genes that determine the interactions of microbes with their hosts in health and disease. Students like you have the opportunity to do your thesis research in one of our many research laboratories.  

Contact Information

Department Chairperson: Jennifer Basil
Deputy Chair: Charlene Forest

Location: 200 Ingersoll Hall Extension
Phone: 718.951.5396
Fax: 718.951.4659