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Spotlight on Brooklyn Chemistry

  • Associate Professor Contel publishes "Versatile Synthesis of Cationic N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Gold(I) Complexes Containing a Second Ancillary Ligand. Design of Heterobimetallic Ruthenium-Gold Anticancer Agents" in Chemical Communications.

  • The department of chemistry is saddened by the loss of esteemed colleague and friend Professor Ira Levine. Professor Levine was an experienced and caring educator, and a wonderful mentor to faculty members and instructors. His textbooks have helped generations of Chemistry students throughout the world. Read a remembrance of Professor Levine.

  • The Department of Chemistry mourns the premature loss of our colleague and friend Professor Roberto Sanchez-Delgado. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to Professor Sanchez-Delgado's family. Read a remembrance of the many scientific accomplishments of Professor Sanchez-Delgado.

  •  Associate Professor Juszczak speaks about Scientific Uncertainty and Drug Development on the Macaulay Science Forward videos

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With 60 years’ research experience, our chemistry program is tops in New York City.

If you are seeking a graduate program that will open the doors to a career in chemistry in industry, education or the health field, look no further than Brooklyn College. We have a distinguished history of more than 60 years as a center of education and research excellence in New York — a stellar reputation that is recognized by the American Chemical Society. Our many illustrious alumni, including Nobel Laureate Stanley Cohen, whose research on cellular growth factors has been critical in the study of cancer development, are actively engaged in scientific endeavors around the world — and as a graduate student in our Department of Chemistry, you will enjoy the same supportive environment and small classes that they benefitted from. You will pursue your goals in diverse areas of research in a dedicated campus building with more than 50,000 square feet of research and lab space.  

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