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Laura J. Juszczak

Associate Professor

Location: 3119 Ingersoll Hall
Phone: 718.951.5000 x1426
Fax: 718.951.4607
Email:   Laura J. Juszczak's Web site

After several years as a painting conservator, Laura Juszczak returned to New York University with the aim of becoming an art conservation scientist. On the way to a master's degree, however, her focus changed from the study of inorganic to organic pigments. She stayed on to complete a Ph.D.; her dissertation focused on the energy transfer mechanism in light-harvesting blue-green algae. Continuing with spectroscopy, she worked as a postdoc in the laser lab of Professor Joel M. Friedman, primarily studying hemoglobin mutants using the laser technique of UV resonance Raman(UVRR) spectroscopy. She stayed on at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as a faculty associate. With her faculty appointment in 2006 at Brooklyn College, Juszczak earned NIH funding to apply UVRR and other spectroscopic techniques, together with molecular modeling simulations, to study the reporter molecule and amino acid, tryptophan, in proteins.

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