Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Psychology offers the following scholarships and awards for undergraduate psychology majors and, in some instances, graduate students in psychology. The Psychology Department Honors & Awards Committee recommends winners to the College annually. Applications for these awards are available for download in the following PDF and in the Department of Psychology, 5315 James Hall.

Awards Application Form Undergraduate

Application deadline: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Carolyn R. Freeman Award

The CAROLYN R. FREEMAN AWARD is awarded annually to the graduating senior majoring in Psychology who is most proficient in Psychology.

The Alvin and Stanley Snadowsky Award for General Academic Excellence in Psychology

The ALVIN AND STANLEY SNADOWSKY AWARD for General Academic Excellence in Psychology is awarded annually to an undergraduate student who has an excellent scholastic record in Psychology.  This award was established in memory of the Snadowskys’ parents, Jack and Florence Snadowsky.

The Sheldon J. Korchin Memorial Scholarship

The SHELDON J. KORCHIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP for an outstanding graduating senior intending to pursue a Master’s degree in Psychology at Brooklyn College.

The Department of Psychology Award for Excellence in Statistics in the Field of Psychology (Wantman Prize)

The Department of Psychology AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN STATISTICS IN THE FIELD OF PSYCHOLOGY (WANTMAN PRIZE) is awarded annually to a graduating senior majoring in Psychology who received an “A” in Statistics, has taken or is taking Experimental Psychology, and produces the best performance in a statistics competition.

The Myrtle Mandiberg Scholarship

The MYRTLE MANDIBERG SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually to a Psychology major who plans to pursue a career in a field related to child psychology.

The Beatrice Ragen Edelman Memorial Scholarship

The BEATRICE RAGEN EDELMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP for a student pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology and in good academic standing.

The Ching-Tse Lee Award

The CHING-TSE LEE AWARD for an Asian-American undergraduate or graduate student in Psychology in good academic standing and with demonstrated promise in Psychology.

The Emily Lin Lee Award

The EMILY LIN LEE AWARD for a minority undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing who is majoring in, and has demonstrated promise, in Psychology.

The Florence Horowitz Award

The FLORENCE HOROWITZ AWARD is for a graduating senior intent on pursuing a career in social work. Preference will be given to students planning to attend grad school for an MSW degree.

The Joseph and Norma Satten Scholarship

The JOSEPH AND NORMA SATTEN SCHOLARSHIP for an undergraduate student on a pre-medical track or to a student who has expressed an interest in pursuing graduate work or a career in psychology or criminology. 

The Balambal Palaniyandi Memorial Scholarship

The BALAMBAL PALANIYANDI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP for a graduate or undergraduate student with demonstrated character and a parent or spouse who is/was a firefighter, police officer, or other type of first-responder or emergency personnel, particularly if they were injured or died in the line of duty.