Honors and Psychology

Graduating With Department Honors in Psychology

Please note that as of April 2015 there will be a change in the requirements for graduating with honors in psychology. As outlined below, students planning to graduate at the end of spring 2016 will now have to complete a sequence of at least two 5000 or 5010 series courses resulting in the culmination of a written thesis project to be considered eligible for graduating with departmental honors.

The reason for this change is to make the distinction of receiving an honors degree in psychology more similar to the designation and procedure at most other comparable institutions.

Students graduating upon the completion of spring 2015 and fall 2015 will still be permitted to apply for graduating with departmental honors with only one 5000 or 5010-level course.

The new minimum requirements to be considered for graduating with departmental honors in psychology are as follows:

  • a major in psychology,
  • GPA of at least 3.70 in all advanced psychology courses taken (including transfer courses),
  • a sequence of at least two 5000 or 5010 series courses resulting in the completion of a written thesis project,
  • a grade with honors earned in at least two of the aforementioned 5000 or 5010 series courses, and
  • a letter of recommendation from the professor who supervised the projects and assigned the grades with honors in the 5000 or 5010 series courses.

Further information about the types of written reports considered to be acceptable submissions for a 5000 or 5010 series course and for how a two-course honors thesis could be developed and completed is provided here.

In order to be considered for graduating with honors in psychology, you must complete an application. Forms for applying to graduate with honors are available in the Psychology Department or can be downloaded here:

Applications should be submitted to the mailbox of Professor Deborah Walder in the Department of Psychology, 5315 James Hall.


Students are encouraged to submit applications during their final semester of enrollment in coursework at Brooklyn College, prior to graduation. However, applications will also be accepted until the end of the semester after the student’s graduation.

All applications submitted for "Graduating With Honors in Psychology" will be reviewed by the Psychology Department Honors & Awards Committee, which will make recommendations regarding award of "Graduating With Departmental Honors in Psychology" for excellence in the field of psychology. All students will be notified of the final outcome, which is ultimately determine by the Office of the Registrar and typically occurs the semester following graduation. This delay is because all grades earned in advanced psychology courses taken must be included in the aforementioned GPA calculation, and many students take advanced psychology courses through their final semester.

Honors Course Work in Psychology

Information in the PDF below ("Honors Course Work in Psychology") is intended to provide an overview of information regarding honors course work in psychology. For official college guidelines, students are directed to the "Honors courses" section of the current Brooklyn College Bulletin for Undergraduate Programs.

There are two options for students to complete honors course work in psychology, as outlined in the PDF ("Honors Course Work in Psychology"):

  1. Take a 5000 or 5010 Series honors course (e.g., Independent Honors Research; Independent Honors Fieldwork).
  2. Take a regular course with honors.

Important Note

Receipt of a letter grade "with Honors" in a regular course does not count toward eligibility to graduate with departmental honors in psychology. Students who wish to be considered for graduating with honors in psychology must complete a sequence of at least two 5000 or 5010 series courses, earn a letter grade "with Honors" for each course, and submit a copy of their written thesis report to the Psychology Department.


Contact Professor Walder.