Faculty and Staff

Photo Album: Fall 2013/Spring2014 Children and Youth Studies Program and Children's Studies Center Faculty/Staff

Fall 2013 Office Hours and E-mail Addresses

Full-time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jeannene Barett, M.A. (PhD Candidate)
  • Marie Belmonte, M.A. (PhD Candidate)
  • Elise Goldberg, M.S.Ed
  • Carla Lewis Irizarry, M.A. (PhD Candidate)
  • Irma Kramer, M.A
  • .Linda Lee, M.A.
  • Evan Misshula, M.A. (PhD Candidate)
  • Charisa Kiyó Smith, J.D.
  • Tamea Tyler, MSW

Program Staff

Research Center Staff