Policies and Procedures

  • Students enrolled at the Preparatory Center cannot be concurrently studying the same instrument or discipline at another institution, or with another private teacher, without the prior approval of the director. Students are only permitted to change teachers or classes with the approval of the director.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent or an adult student to notify the director when problems arise, whether financial, instructional or personal. Every effort will be made to respond to the needs of students and their parents.
  • The Preparatory Center reserves the right to dismiss any student because of lack of interest or progress, frequent absences, frequent tardiness, behavioral problems, delinquency of fees or failure to abide by the policies laid out here. This includes parents' inappropriate behavior and lack of adherence to the Prep Center policies.
  • The Preparatory Center reserves the right to change a student's class level during the school year to ensure his or her proper development.
  • The Preparatory Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or religious beliefs in its admission, student aid, scholarship or educational policies.
  • The Preparatory Center reserves the right to cancel any class for which there is insufficient enrollment.

Location of Lessons/Classes

All Preparatory Center lessons and classes are held on the Brooklyn College campus.

Scheduling of Lessons/Classes

All Preparatory Center lessons and classes are held on the Brooklyn College campus in Roosevelt Hall, West Quad Center or Whitehead Hall. Classroom locations will be given before the beginning of the semester.

Although we try to offer a schedule that is convenient for everyone, proper placement of the student is essential and must be given top priority. Any changes in schedules must be arranged through the office, not with the instructor. Students must make every effort to be on time for all classes and lessons as a courtesy to the students who follow them, and to their teachers. In deference to subsequent lessons and classes, all activities will end at the scheduled time.

Student Absences

Students with private music lessons must inform both their private teachers and the Prep Center office of any anticipated absences. Students with group classes should notify the Prep Center Office of any anticipated absences. Notification does not, however, exempt the family from payment as contracted. Private teachers are not required to make up these absences.

Faculty Absences

If a teacher is absent for a private lesson, there will be a substitute teacher or a make-up lesson will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. The teacher will offer up to two times for the make-up lesson. If the student then misses the agreed upon make-up lesson, an additional make-up lesson will not be arranged. However, payment will be required as in a regular student absence. If a teacher is absent for a group class, only one make-up time will be offered. When lessons or classes have been suspended for delinquent tuition payment, teachers are not required to give make ups, even after payment has been brought up to date.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal from the Preparatory Center must be made in writing to the director. Notifying the teacher is not considered notification of withdrawal. Absences do not constitute withdrawal from the class or lesson. The date on which the written withdrawal is received determines the amount charged. Only the registration fee is charged in the event of withdrawal prior to the first day of class.

Withdrawals can only be made before the end of the withdrawal period, regardless of the date registered. In the fall, you may withdraw before the sixth week of classes or lessons and your tuition will be pro-rated. After that point, you are responsible for the full annual tuition. Withdrawal in the spring semester must be made before the fourth week of classes or lessons. After that point, you are responsible for the full spring tuition. Withdrawal in the summer semester must be made before the third week of classes or lessons. After that point, you are responsible for the full summer tuition.


Media Release

By signing the contract/registration form, parents or students agree to the use of audio recordings, video recordings and photographs of Prep Center students for archival and promotional purposes, waiving any rights or objections for such use, unless written notice is given to the director that such use may not be made.

Safety and Security

Brooklyn College requires that all students and parents/guardians must carry an official Preparatory Center ID card for access to the campus. Each registered student and the registering parent will receive an ID card with the student's schedule and tuition payment plan. Lost cards will be replaced by the Preparatory Center Office.

The Preparatory Center cannot accept responsibility for children when they are not in class. To ensure a child's safety, the parent must accompany the child to the classroom door and be prepared to pick the child up promptly at the scheduled end of the class. Parents should notify the office if they are delayed in meeting their child. Faculty members are not permitted to escort children from one part of the campus to another.

Performing Arts Events

Brooklyn College offers a variety of free and low-cost performing arts events at the College Conservatory of Music, Theater Department and the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts. Families are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to complement their child's performing arts education.

Juries / Student Evaluations

Students enrolled in private lessons perform for a faculty committee (called a jury) once a year in the spring and receive written evaluations from them. In addition, families receive written reports for private lessons and certain classes at the completion of the school year. These evaluations assist in planning for the next academic year. Informal parent/teacher conferences ensure attention to any problems that may develop during the school year.

Emergency Closing

If there is bad weather, please access the Brooklyn College website or call the Security office at 718.951.5511 to find out if Brooklyn College is open. If the campus is closed, the Prep Center will be closed.  If the campus is open, the Prep Center will be open as well.

Please note that if the Prep Center is closed for bad weather, an effort will be made to have a make-up day. However, a make-up day is not guaranteed because of the complexity of faculty and families' schedules.

Other Emergencies

Please report any accidents or illnesses to the director. In case of an emergency, please call the Security Office at 718.951.5511.