Program Requirements

The Psychology and Neuroscience REU Program is structured upon four fundamental educational components — mentored research, didactic experiences, ethics training and research dissemination — to maximize learning, academic and professional development, and scholarly fellowship among REU participants and the Brooklyn College scientific community. 

REU students dedicate approximately 12 to 15 hours per week toward laboratory research activities and an additional five to six hours a week toward didactic seminars/colloquia. Students complete a one-week ethics training curriculum towards the end of the 15-week program. The culmination of each participant's semester-long research experience results in a professional scientific poster to be presented at Brooklyn College's annual, campus-wide Science Day.

Note: The $3,100 stipend award is disbursed on a bi-monthly basis. Payment of the stipend is suspended if a student fails to meet his or her required hours or responsibilities.

Program Overview

  • Mentored Research
    • Work with mentor on idea conception, experimental design, data collection, analysis, results/conclusion
  • Didactic Experiences
    • REU Seminar
    • Brooklyn College Psychology Department Colloquium
    • REU Journal Club
  • Ethics Training
    • One-week program
  • Scientific Dissemination
    • Present research poster at Brooklyn College's Science Day