Mentored Research

Our program provides the opportunity for each student to work closely with his or her mentor on both an independent project as well as on existing projects in the mentor's lab. This immersive approach exposes students to a broad range of neuroscience interests and related skills and a diversity of contemporary approaches and techniques.

Independent research projects are designed by both students and mentors to investigate well-defined scientific questions and hypotheses within the scope of 12 to 15 weeks. During this time frame, students may generate stimuli and/or pilot test experiments, recruit and test participants, execute experiments, collect data, and analyze and interpret results. Mentors teach students the skills and instrumentation necessary to carry out their projects effectively as well as provide opportunities for students to present their work in writing or orally throughout the semester, such as in lab meetings, talks or other events.

This 15-week research experience culminates in the presentation of each student's project in poster form at Brooklyn College's Science Day, an annual campus-wide science fair featuring work by undergraduate and graduate students. REU students spend the latter part of the semester in preparation for this event.

Visit our REU faculty for potential mentors and projects.