2010 student performance.

 Fall 2013 student performance.

Laptop performance, fall 2013.

M.F.A. Study in Media Scoring and Sonic Arts

We will debut two new M.F.A. programs in music in the fall 2016 semester—Media Scoring and Sonic Arts—in addition to our current B.Mus. and M.Mus. degrees in music composition, Ph.D. in composition via the CUNY Graduate Center, and undergraduate minor in music technology (see below). 

For more information or to apply to the M.F.A. programs, please see the "Media Scoring" and "Sonic Arts" tabs on the right side menu of this page, or e-mail Professor Douglas Geers for more information.  

The two new degrees balance flexibility and artistic freedom with practical skills for employment.

Media Scoring

Composition and production of music for moving images.

  • Courses will be held at the new Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College, located at the Steiner Studios, a 15-acre fully professional, Hollywood-style media production lot.
  • Curriculum includes cinema, composition, conducting, technology, and music business.
  • Intended for students with an undergraduate degree in music composition or equivalent.
  • Click here for application information and here for additional information.

Sonic Arts

Creation of music or sound art using new technologies, from electronic improvisation to electroacoustic music, installations, sound design, and multimedia.

  • Courses will be held on the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema and the Brooklyn College main campus.
  • Curriculum is a flexible/customizable menu of courses.
  • The program is open to students with a bachelor's degree in music or in another subject.
  • Click here for application information and here for additional information.

Undergraduate Minor in Music Technology

Undergraduate students may earn a minor in music technology by completing 12 credits of approved course work. For more information, contact Professor Doug Cohen.

Additional Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree and Master's Degree in Music Composition

Interested composers may enroll as a composition major at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music and focus their creative work on electronic/electroacoustic music while taking advantage of the additional opportunities of the Composition Department. Please contact CCM Director Doug Geers for more information.

M.F.A. in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA)

This is a graduate program for the creation of interdisciplinary, live performance works. PIMA is a collaborative venture in partnership with the departments of Art, Theater, Computer and Information Science, and Television and Radio, and the Conservatory of Music. Contact PIMA Director Helen Richardson for more information.

Ph.D. in Music Composition (via CUNY Graduate Center)

Interested students may admit to the Ph.D. or D.M.A. composition program of the CUNY Graduate Center and become active participants at the BC-CCM. Contact CCM Director Doug Geers for more information.

Individual Classes

In spring 2014, 34 new master's-level courses were added to the BC-CCM offerings as part of the M.F.A. programs in Sonic Arts and Media Scoring, set to debut in fall 2016. To view the complete list of courses, look under "Courses" on the right side menu of this page.

In Summer 2016, we will offer three courses:

  • MUSC 3322, Recording Music (1st summer session, May 31-July 12)
  • MUSC 3260, Introduction to Music Technology (2nd summer session, July 13-August 18)
  • MUSC 3493, Making Beats (new special topics course! 2nd summer session, July 13-August 18)

In Fall 2016, undergraduate and M.M courses offered will be:

  • MUSC 3260/7360, Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUSC 3261/7361, Electroacoustic Music 1
  • MUSC 3744/7744, Electroacoustic Music Ensemble

In Fall 2016, Media Scoring and Sonic Arts MFA courses will be:

  • MUSC 7015, Techniques for Recording Music
  • MUSC 7331, Sonic Arts Composition Lessons
  • MUSC 7341, Scoring Composition Seminar
  • MUSC 7342, Scoring Composition Lessons
  • MUSC 7352, Orchestration for Cinema I
  • MUSC 7370, Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUSC 7371, Computer Music I
  • MUSC 7375, Interactive Computer Music

The PIMA program also offers related courses of interest. More information is available on the PIMA website.