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The Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn Women's Activism is a repository of women's grassroots social activism in Brooklyn since 1945 and ongoing in the present.

In the spirit of Chisholm's legacy as a path-breaking community and political activist, the archive will also follow the many paths she pioneered by including materials representing the wide range of women's grassroots activism throughout the borough.

The archive consists of documents and other materials, including oral histories from people who knew or worked with Chisholm and from the extraordinary diversity of women's activist organizations in Brooklyn since 1945. Housed in the Brooklyn College Library, it is a resource for students of all ages, community activists, public policy experts, scholars and the general public. The archive will expand our understanding of women's place in history and of the significance and consequence of social activism itself.

The Shirley Chisholm Project

Brooklyn Women's Activism 1945 to the Present
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